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While I was at my parents' house, I saw an ABC World News series of segments about shopping for products made in the USA. I've kept the idea in mind since.

My everyday shoes, a pair of flat Mary Janes from Lands' End, have rather worn insoles and outsoles. I've only had them for a year and a half and expected them to last longer; but perhaps I expect too much from a $20 pair of cloth shoes? At any rate, I'd like new flats for everyday. I also wanted a wallet with a wrist strap, because toting around a bulky diaper bag everywhere gets awkward. So yesterday I went shopping at my nearest general store.

I'm picky about the wallet, and the only one I found that seemed to fit the bill was a colorful cloth Vera Bradley wristlet. I wasn't happy about paying $20 for a cloth wallet, but none of the leather wallets were the right configuration. The Vera Bradley wristlet was made in China. I let the whelp wander around in the store a little, and he picked up several men's wallets — leather, Fossil brand. All made in China.

Of the five or six styles of shoes I considered, all but one were made in China; the exception was made in Vietnam.  I looked at a couple pairs of baby shoes, too, out of curiosity.  Also made in China.

I've since decided that I don't really need a new wallet, and I can afford to wait a little longer to extend my search for shoes.  It stinks that I can't find American made shoes without making a special trip.  Soon I'll be wanting a couple new tee shirts.  I want scoop neck, cotton with a touch of spandex, bonus points if it's organic cotton.  I wonder if I can find that, made in USA, for less than $15.
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