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Well, I was a bit hasty with my computer complaint. Rebooting the wireless router seems to have fixed the problem. It just goes to show how unstable our computers and peripherals are. I think it was one of my professors who pointed out that if things went wrong with airplanes as frequently as they do with desktop computers, people would never stand for it.

I am now officially enrolled in my accounting class, and a significant chunk of money poorer than I was two weeks ago. We have our first test tomorrow; we are to pay 25¢ 50¢ for our blank Scantron answer sheet, or supply our own. We also have to pay ten bucks for some kind of booklet containing a longer-term assignment -- I don't know if it's a spiral-bound packet, or what. The school I attended back east was not so grasping.

Meanwhile, let me show you the weather forecast for this week. I've dealt with mid-Atlantic winters; now I get to experience a Southwestern summer.

same forecast in the metric system )
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I've somewhat screwed up my attempt to take a class this summer. First off, the admissions office had a hard time locating my records that were sent last December & January, apparently because those were under my maiden name and I'm now applying under my married name, even though I included my maiden name in the space provided on the application, and my social security number hasn't changed.

Second, I didn't submit my application until last Tuesday, less than a week before classes started. I figured that as a non-degree seeking student, there wouldn't be much to it, but apparently processing an application is not as quick as I'd hoped, and I wasn't admitted until this morning -- I stopped by the admissions office before class to check on my status, and then they called me during class. Because I wasn't officially admitted, I couldn't register for the class, and today I found out that it's filled to capacity, with a wait list. The instructor advised me to contact the graduate advisor... who, when she got around to checking her email/voice mail, has put me on the wait list.

Meanwhile, the class will be covering a chapter of the textbook each day, starting tomorrow. The textbook is more than $150, although I can order it online for around $100; students are also required to get an "online access key" to go with the text, which may be packaged with the book or may have to be purchased separately for another $60. You see, the instructor has decided to make us submit all our homework and quizzes online, using a product provided by what seems to be a for-profit company.

Well, I've got 21 hours to read the first chapter, so maybe I should pay $6 to download it while I wait to find out whether I can take the class....


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