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1. Go over this list. Check the statements that are true. If you check almost all of them, you are doing pretty well. The ones you left unchecked show where you could use some improvement. If you left several of them unchecked, you are in the wrong career; and you are reading the right book.
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3. What work have you done in the past that was fulfilling in ways that are missing from your present career? Think back and notice what was it that made it so satisfying?

This is only my second full time job: I haven't worked much. In college, I did some tutoring that I enjoyed because I could see how I was contributing to someone else's understanding. Also, I felt confident in my knowledge of the material and my ability to communicate it. The web work I did as summer jobs was not fulfilling because nearly anyone could have substituted for me. It did not require any talent, just some widely available knowledge. I would have enjoyed those jobs more if I had some expertise and was using it. My previous full time job was somewhat less generic, but still consisted of a lot of mindless routine most of the time.
serenissima: woman's face with glasses (real life)
So I got this book called The Pathfinder by Nicholas Lore in hopes it would help me figure out what kind of job to look for, and it's got some exercises to write out. At this moment I don't feel like digging out a notebook and writing longhand.

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