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Water flowing underground.

How long has it been since I was posting regularly? Before my second child, I suspect.

So here we are at another moonbase... following the pattern from way back, this would be Moonbase Echo, if I'm counting correctly. We got here in July, the clothes and kitchen stuff are unpacked but not the artwork, husband's books, or my craft stuff.

It's hot. There are grackles, and a few cacti.

I'm hoping that if I start to write regularly, I'll get better at stringing my thoughts together coherently.
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I don't want to pack. I am bad at packing. I am doing a terrible job. I don't have enough time left to pack everything. We won't be able to fit everything. We'll have to throw out hundreds of dollars worth of belongings.
For good or ill, it will all be over in a few days.
Not looking forward to explaining his daddy's departure to our son.
The doggy in the icon has already been sent on ahead of us, traveling with my awesome brother and his girlfriend. Thanks to you both, if you're reading this, you were both super helpful!
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We made it back from Edge-Of-Nowhere to Somewhere. We have a key to the house (they only gave us one, we'll have to make copies), and we even have our furniture & goods. Next challenge: the annual journey to see relatives for the holidays.
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We've noticed a lot more insect life here than at the last place we lived. Beetles, ants, moths, flies — an annoying number of the latter two enter the house, but I don't want to spray poison around in case I end up breathing it or swallowing it.

Here's a more unusual visitor we observed last Friday evening: a stick insect on the outside of our patio wall.
photo )

And, our rose bush with more flowers than in the last picture I posted.
photo )
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A bonus that came with our house is the border garden in front and back. Actually, there's not much left in back, just a few sparse bedding plants, but the front looks a bit better. Most houses on our street do not have this. That means someone who lived here before took the time, effort and money to plant the garden. Also, there's a great big rose bush in the patio in front.

We were told that this neighborhood will be demolished next year to make way for new construction, just like at the last place we lived. That means all the improvements people have made to their yards will be torn up, including the large trees that some houses in this neighborhood have. One house up the street from us has a sizeable oak in its front yard. Such a shame, but I guess I understand the reasoning. People prefer bigger houses and central air conditioning. I hope to root some cuttings from our rose bush before we leave this house so it will live on in some form.

Anyhow, photos:
A brief pictorial review )

Monsoon season seems to encourage flowers.
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The past few days have been busier than last week. The trucker with our household goods arrived Monday morning, and he and the local helper working with him spent pretty much all day unloading our goods — and I spent pretty much all day keeping watch on them and checking off box numbers from the list. At the end of the day, we were lacking a few boxes and an overstuffed armchair. The truck driver decided to use Tuesday to search his truck again, since he also carried the possessions of two other households, but he found only one box of our books.

I really can't understand how or why the chair would go missing. It's not expensive or glamorous, it's a hand-me-down from [ profile] aristeros' family, and it's big. How could people loading our goods fail to see it? Or, if it was on purpose, who would steal such a thing? The main issue with the boxes is our music CDs; nothing else valuable is missing. Our nice wooden dining table that we bought last spring is a bit damaged, though: two of the corner joints have come loose. [ profile] aristeros thinks it can be fixed with careful application of glue and clamps. We made note of the missing and damaged items on the official paperwork. The trucker asked us to wait to file a claim until he delivers the other households' items, hoping that our stuff will turn up, but if it doesn't, we'll be reimbursed. In any case, we're inclined not to use movers next time but to pack, load and unload everything ourselves. The lack of control over our goods was frustrating.

Since we found out about the problems, I've been going back and forth between being sad over the loss and damage and not caring much. I think I'm starting to settle toward the not-minding-much end of the spectrum. In the end, these are only things, and they don't even impact our day to day living our lives. What does impact our daily life are the boxes everywhere. I think this house is half the size of the house we were in previously, and it's suddenly become difficult to walk around. We've unpacked maybe a quarter of the boxes since Monday.

Mention of canine bodily fluids ) As I type this, he is looking very cute napping on his side in his regular wire crate (newly unpacked), with a squeaky rubber ball at his nose.
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We were hoping to have our belongings by the end of this week, but when [ profile] aristeros inquired this morning as to their status, he learned that they have not even left their current location and are still 1700 miles away. Apparently someone needed him to sign and send a form but never asked him for it, or some such nonsense. We're looking at another two weeks without our stuff. (Edit: Seems that was wrong information and our goods have left their origin after all. Isn't it great when people know what they're talking about? We should have our stuff within ten days at the latest, hopefully earlier.)

On the bright side, we're in our new house. We can now go shopping or out to eat without worrying about leaving the dog in the hotel room. We had our first home-cooked supper last night: a makeshift version of ma po tofu. We stocked the fridge, we bought a bed, and as of this afternoon, we have broadband. Also, there's a cool thrift store/consignment shop here, and we scored a wooden rocking chair for $40. We're trying to decide if it would be worthwhile to buy another piece of furniture.

Before we left the last place, I bought some yarn and crochet hooks for something to do (after my other yarn and hooks had been packed and removed), and last night I began an attempt at a throw blanket. I want to model it after Lucy's Neat Ripple Pattern described here, but I made a variation, and I'm having trouble figuring out how to fit the second row on top of the first. If I make progress I may post a picture.
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We've reached Moonbase Charlie. The landscape is similar to the previous place... a tad less flat, more mountains on the horizon, more scrubby trees and bushes, but still pretty brown. The settlement itself, though, is much, much smaller. I haven't yet had the opportunity to look around, as the dog is not supposed to be left alone in the hotel room here, even if crated, but from what I saw on the drive in, it's clear that we won't have quite the level of amenities to which we've been accustomed.

However, [ profile] aristeros checked with the housing management, and they do have a house available for us, complete with fenced yard, so we should be fairly comfortable here. We'll be able to move in later this week. Now that we've arrived, I'm getting excited about settling in.
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Finally got a moving date. We move on Monday, June 29... or possibly on the next day, since the hotel where we intend to go did not have a room that accomodates pets available for Monday evening. Once we're out of the house, we'll spend our last few days here in a hotel, too. Housing does not do move-out inspections on weekends, so we'll have our inspection the previous Thursday, a week from today. That means we have to have the rest of the furniture out (i.e. our bed and the borrowed couch) and the carpets cleaned next Wednesday.

There's not really much to pack anymore, but there's a little: folding chairs and such. And we still need to sweep & mop the floor and clean the kitchen counters. And I'll be away this weekend for a friend's wedding. All of a sudden, I realize how little time we have left to say goodbye to the friends we've made here and to take care of the remaining little errands I thought we'd have a couple of weeks left to do.

There are some things we'll miss about this place, but it will be interesting to see the next place, and we're both looking forward to regaining our own furniture and cookware!
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Yeah... we're not leaving this moonbase quite so soon as we thought, and not for the destinations we thought. We're camping out in the house, sans most furniture/clothing/cookware, for maybe an extra month. Then we move to another desert location. At least we'll be together. And we have our mattress, and some borrowed things, and I really haven't been cooking lately anyway.

Since there's so little stuff around, Mungo can't get into much mischief, but this morning we found that during the night he had collected three rolls of packing tape and hoarded them in his crate. The most used-up roll bore definite signs of having been chewed.

We had a pleasantly busy Memorial Day weekend. Saturday afternoon we brought the dog for a puppy playdate. The dogs romped while the humans chatted.

On Sunday, we went with other friends to visit some rock formations about 45 min. east of town. The shape of the rocks is such that there's water in there most of the year, making the place something of an oasis, and they have prehistoric pictographs on them as well as graffiti from the 19th and 20th centuries. The area has natural beauty anyway, but the cultural additions make it even more interesting. Then, for lunch, we went to a steakhouse we'd been told about since we arrived in this city, which has its own on-site petting zoo.

Monday we watched the new Terminator movie, which was mostly about chase scenes and fight scenes — good entertainment. (Sam Worthington is better looking than Christian Bale, IMO. However, if he's playing an American character, he needs to maintain an American accent; or, what's probably easier, the writers should make his character Australian, since it's a new character anyway!) The cyborg premise is handled poorly towards the end, but somehow I found less to pick at in this movie than in Star Trek. Later in the afternoon, we attended a barbecue, although I enjoyed the baked potatoes and bread pudding more than the meat.
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Well. We have a date for our belongings to be packed up and loaded onto a truck (happens to be during final exams week), we have a date for housing to inspect our house and see that it is empty and reasonably clean, and [ profile] aristeros has scheduled his last day of work here. We're not leaving until three weeks after our household goods leave, but I suppose in the meantime we'll make do with an air mattress and a junky old frying pan, and stay in a hotel for the final few days. A hotel that accepts dogs.

Step by step, the concept of leaving Moonbase Bravo is becoming a genuine plan, and then a reality. I'm looking forward somewhat to leaving this dry and dusty place, but I dread the hassle and stress of moving. I'll be happy to spend more time with my parents and brother, but sad to be separated from my husband. Finishing the semester will be a relief — as far as my motivation goes, I almost feel done with school already — but I'm concerned about when and how I'll actually complete my degree.

Ah well. We'll see how it all turns out in time.
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As I type this, I am listening to the noises of yardworkers cutting down the big tree behind my carport -- the one that helped me imagine I wasn't living in a desert.

Work proceeds on building new houses on the moonbase, moving people from the old neighborhood to the new, and preparing to tear down the old (to make way for more new houses). The trees two streets up from our street were cut down two or three weeks ago. The shrubs in our front yard were cut down last week. A few saplings have been left standing here and there. I don't know how it was determined to leave them; I'm hoping they happen not to be in the footprint of a new house, and will therefore be allowed to remain permanently. We have so few trees here.

On the bright side, [ profile] aristeros and I will be moving into a brand new house even sooner than expected. We had been told we'd sign our new lease and get our new keys March 21, with a moving truck to be scheduled to move our furniture the following week. Last night, the lady from the housing company stopped by in person to tell us that we'll probably move next week instead. Chris immediately got to work putting 16 shelves' worth of books into boxes before he took a break.

We're looking forward to the new house. It will be plenty roomy for the two of us, with at least 1700 square feet of space. By contrast, our current house has 1250 ft^2, and I think our apartment had around 800 or 900. It'll be nice to have a two-car garage, too, so Chris won't have to worry about blocking me in. But we won't have trees behind our house anymore. The new houses have just a tiny patch of grass for a backyard, and gravel in front with a few desert-hardy plants stuck in it. I haven't seen any clotheslines in the new neighborhood, either.

I hope we get an agave in our front yard. They're cool-looking.
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[ profile] aristeros had the sniffles over the past few days and seems to have passed the bug to me: my nose drips and my throat hurts. Whine whine snivel. I hope I'll be over it quickly.

We're living in a three-bedroom house approximately twice the size of my former apartment, featuring twice as much kitchen cabinet & counter space. You'd think this would make it easy to find places to put all our things. Rambling about our house )


Sep. 10th, 2007 06:25 pm
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Arrived at Moonbase Bravo! Currently in the motel; moving in to the house tomorrow. Moving truck is supposed to bring stuff tomorrow, too -- nice timing. Home sweet home's aesthetics look to be circa 1965, but it is spacious compared to my apartment.

Surrounding terrain has a small mountain range on one side, rather flat in all other directions. Local plants are almost entirely unfamiliar to me: [ profile] 403, I could use some advice about container gardening in a desert. I've met grackles before, but the jackalopes are new and fun.

Should have Internet up and running in a day or two. Will probably have more to say by then.
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Yesterday felt kind of like a Friday, because my co-workers took me out for dinner. We went to an Italian place that served family-style, that is, one dish serves several people. There were five of us. We ordered four things: salad, chicken cutlets, fettucini with mushrooms, and tiramisu. We overate, and I still went home with leftover pasta and tiramisu. I intend to eat them tomorrow.

Today, in contrast, doesn't quite feel like a Friday, because I have a lot of work to do this weekend: I am supposed to get my entire apartment boxed up and ready to load onto a moving truck. Chris' folks are coming to help me do this. No actual packing has happened yet; I've just been tidying and putting away. I hope I don't impose on them too much. My computer is one of the things to be packed away, so I'll be without net-based communication for probably around three weeks: say until mid-September.

In two weeks, I will depart my current residence for Moonbase Beta -- or should I call it Bravo, to follow the Army convention? Moonbase Alpha being the base where he is now.

I'm going to want a new icon.


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